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Horse betting has been around ever since gambling became a mainstream activity, with the aristocrats being the ones to bet on these races. Nowadays, when online bookmakers make it possible for everyone to place a bet, the offer is generous and the competition leads to better odds. Virtually anyone can sign up with an online book he and start betting on races, but there is more than meets the eye about these competitions and certain obstacles to overcome.

1001bookmakers will help you turn this hurdle race into a smooth ride and provide you with the information you need to maximize profits.

Things to know about horse betting

One of the advantages of betting on these races is that the odds bookmakers award winners are significantly better than on most other sports. 1001bookmakers will help you to seek value in odds and learn how to distinguish between overpriced markets and those where the risk exceeds potential profits. Sometimes it pays off to try and predict the winner, on other occasions it is better to simply bet on a horse to finish on one of the first three places.

There are special promotions routinely offered by bookmakers for prominent horse races, but also campaigns aimed exclusively at selected markets. 1001bookmakers will highlight these opportunities to win and explain how cashback, free bets and enhanced odds work. Horse races take place on a daily basis, but bonuses are only awarded for some competitions and televised events. Bankroll management is important in all forms of gambling, but when it comes to horse betting it is essential to know how to keep your expenses in check.

Learn to read the tote board

Bookmakers offer odds in decimal and fractional format, with football, tennis, basketball and other sports being relatively easy to read. When it comes to horseracing, virtually all bookies are using the same system that was relied upon by traditional operators. 1001bookmakers will teach you how to read the tote board and understand the meaning behind different wagers.

For example, when betting on a favorite to win at odds of 3-2, players will collect three dollars for each two dollars invested. The 7-1 bets are more straightforward, therefore easier to understand, since the return on investment is seven times higher. Over the Internet, the value you see displayed is usually the one you get when placing a wager, but there are some exceptions for horse races. The tote board might display odds of 4-1, but they are actually rounded up or down to the near the value, so you might actually get 3.9-1 or 4.1-1.

Best places to bet on horse racing :

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